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First Time Client Massage Rates


Client sessions are never rushed!

All massage sessions include a minimum of 50/80 minutes of hands-on treatment time in addition to time for medical intake, postural and range of motion assessments & after care recommendations. Complimentary aromatherapy, warm towels, cold packs and biofreeze provided at therapist discretion or upon client request. 


Every massage session is bespoke utilizing a blend of several massage modalities to meet our client’s goals.  

Common Modalities Offered Include: Deep Tissue/Orthopedic, Sports, Trigger Point, NeuroMuscular, Myofascial, Swedish, Shiatsu, Tui Na, Lomi-Lomi, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Reflexology, PNF Stretching, Prenatal, CranioSacral, Thai, Oncology, Rolfing, Medical Massage, Relaxation


Monthly Massage Memberships


Non Member Massage Rates

Ask about our 5 and 10 package massage series!



*offered as additional therapies during a massage session*

Aromatherapy – Free

A blend of Simply Earth essential oils can be tailored to your session to provide a luxurious olfactory experience to your massage.  Scent has powerful emotional and psychological effects that can aid in relaxation and stress relief.  Some oils are beneficial when topically applied.

Sugar Scrub – $15

A blend of organic raw sugar and Simply Earth essential oils is applied to exfoliate back and feet after your massage session and finished with warm moist towels.

HempSmart CBD Pain Cream – $15

A 30mg dose of CBD combined with other mentholated and pain relieving botanicals is topically applied to one or two major muscle groups to provide cooling and anti-inflammatory pain relief. Product contains no THC.

Fire Cupping – $25

A traditional cupping technique in which fire is used in combination with glass cups to create a vacuum upon the skin.  This negative pressure helps to create space between fascia layers and locally increase blood circulation.  Promotes the flow of qi throughout the body. Relieves areas of tenderness and pain.

Hot Stone Massage – $25

Throughout your session hot stones of various weight and size are placed on the belly, back, face and toes to provide a grounding and relaxing experience.  Hot stones are also used to massage you, providing maximum benefits from the heat and sensation of the stones.  Let the warmth of the stones melt away your cares!


Additional Services

Stretch Therapy 

20 Minute Session – $45

50 Minute Session – $85

An active and passive stretch session with one of our trained and certified sports massage therapists! This session is great for those looking to increase general flexibility or for athletes looking to increase performance or recovery.

Sound Baths “Coming Soon”

A sound bath is a guided meditation with sound, using gongs, singing bowls, drums, and voice.  Vibrations travel throughout the body allowing us to release old unhelpful patterns. These sessions allow the body, mind, and soul to experience great relaxation, release, and reconnection.

Clinical Workshop Series with Dr. Debra Hadden, PsyD

“Coming Soon”

Explore the psychological patterns that inform our relationship with food, eating and stress.  Learn coping techniques for mindfulness and conscientious eating.  

Explore the bio-psycho-social model of chronic pain and learn positive coping skills to manage chronic pain in our daily lives.