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First Time Client Massage Rates

Client sessions are never rushed!

All massage sessions include a minimum of 50/80 minutes of hands-on treatment time in addition to time for medical intake, postural and range of motion assessments & after care recommendations.

Complimentary aromatherapy, warm towels, cold packs and biofreeze provided at therapist discretion or upon client request. 

Every massage session is bespoke utilizing a blend of several massage modalities to meet our client’s goals.  

Common Modalities Offered Include: Deep Tissue/Orthopedic, Sports, Trigger Point, NeuroMuscular, Myofascial, Swedish, Shiatsu, Tui Na, Lomi-Lomi, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Reflexology, PNF Stretching, Prenatal, CranioSacral, Thai, Oncology, Rolfing, Medical Massage, Relaxation


Existing Client Massage Rates


 Massage Upgrades



Discounted sessions every visit with one guaranteed massage from the auto-debit

Auto-debit on the 1st of each month with unused sessions rolling over until membership cancellation

Family Friendly – A family member can come in at the member rate but can’t redeem the monthly auto-debit

5 additional minutes to the session

1 complimentary upgrade per month (doesn’t roll over)

Exclusive access to online Stretch and Rehabilitative Exercise Programs designed by our kinesiologist care partners @ Progressive Health and Performance (PHP)

55 minute member – $79/mo     vs.    $95/mo

85 minute member – $109/mo   vs.   $135/mo

115 minute member – $150/mo   vs.   $185/mo



Family & Friend Friendly – You are more than welcome to share your series package with loved ones.

Discounted Sessions

5 x 50 minutes – $345 ($69/Session)

5 x 80 minutes – $495 ($99/Session)

10 x 50 minutes –  $685 ($68.50/ Session)

Behavioral Health Services:

Provided by Dr Debra Hadden, PsyD        License#PSY23938

Individual Psychotherapy/Somatic Psychotherapy: 

$85  Per Session

Goal Setting and Lifestyle Coaching:

3 X 40 Minute Sessions $225

Wellness Seminars:

Call for Dates and Pricing 

Conscientious Eating 

Explore the psychological patterns that inform our relationship with food, eating and stress.  Learn coping techniques for mindfulness and conscientious eating.  

Coping Skills for Chronic Pain

Explore the bio-psycho-social model of chronic pain and learn positive coping skills to manage chronic pain in our daily lives.

Additional Bodywork & Wellness Services:

Stretch Therapy

An active and passive stretch session with one of our trained and certified sports massage therapists! This session is great for those looking to increase general flexibility or for athletes looking to increase performance or recovery.

20 minutes $45

50 minutes $69

Sound Baths

A sound bath is a guided meditation with sound, using gongs, singing bowls, drums, and voice.  Vibrations travel throughout the body allowing us to release old unhelpful patterns. These sessions allow the body, mind, and soul to experience great relaxation, release, and reconnection.

(Call for Dates and Pricing)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A gentle form of massage that promotes the movement of lymphatic fluid to alleviate swelling (lymphedema).  Typically beneficial in post operative care, autoimmune disorders or to reduce swelling in acute sprain/strain injuries. 

(See Massage Pricing – Call to Schedule)