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Welcome To Brawnergy

Massage therapy is a powerful tool to manage pain and stress. In many cases, massage can play an important part in a comprehensive therapeutic treatment plan. Countless studies have revealed that massage is highly effective for managing and relieving a variety of physical and psychological conditions when carried out by a licensed and professionally trained practitioner. 

Whether you seek massage therapy as a natural alternative to relieve chronic physical symptoms or as a complement to conventional medicine, Brawnergy offers the best of both Western and Eastern massage therapy modalities that can be customized to any need and provide lasting relief.

Our Mission Statement

At Brawnergy we are dedicated to person-centered care.  Using a bio-psycho-social approach to bodywork for stress reduction and pain management means focusing not only on tissues and techniques, but on the therapeutic relationship we maintain with our clients and their experience in our office as a whole.  

To that end we offer not only massage modalities but also educational and clinical resources such as workshops, stretch, sound and mindfulness therapies.

In short, we get to know the people we serve.  We are proud to serve our community with dignity, respect, and an unsurpassed quality of performance & outcomes.  We treat the whole person, not just their muscles and tissues!


What People are Saying

Hands of Wonders

I fell asleep a couple of times, and I tried not to, but it was nearly impossible!

Arial R

“Been Coming Here for 2 Years 

 I feel great my neck and shoulder pain is less and I have no more migraines.

Monica N

All Massages Have Been Wonderful.

 They took excellent care of me and am extremely grateful for their skills and wisdom.

Jordan H

I Am Always Greeted Promptly 

The space is always clean and the vibe relaxed and mellow..”

C. H.

Our News And Events

Stretch Your Limits

Stretch Your Limits

What is Stretch Therapy Ever keep your body in a single position for too long and really need that stretch getting out of it? Stretch Therapy focuses on releasing where you get stuck- better known as fascia, a thin sheath of fibrous connective tissue which connects...

Planning Massage Therapy Treatments

Planning Massage Therapy Treatments

Massage therapy is a powerful tool that can ease stress, reduce chronic pain, loosen tight muscles, improve energy levels, and much more. One of the challenges with massage therapy is maximizing the benefit from each session. As great as you may feel in the days...

6 Reasons You Need To Try Cupping Therapy

6 Reasons You Need To Try Cupping Therapy

Wondering about the latest bodywork trend that leaves circles on a client's back? Actually, this technique - called Cupping - is hardly new. Cupping dates back to 1550 BC when the Ancient Egyptians used it to eliminate fevers, disease, and infection. Although there...